Telecom Training in Lucknow| BTS & RF Training

GlobeTechno Training 100% Job Oriented telecom Training with 15 modules which cover three technologies (2G, 3G, and 4G). 2G Equipment Training enables students to take up the jobs related to 2G installations

Telecom Training in Lucknow | BTS & RF Training | 2G/3G/4G Training

GlobeTechno Training 100% Job Oriented telecom Training with 15 modules which cover three technologies (2G, 3G, and 4G). 2G Equipment Training enables students to take up the jobs related to 2G installations,troubleshooting and commissioning of telecom equipment. 3G training provided to engineering fresher students will emphasize on covering both classroom and on-site training that enable them to fetch good job offers across India. 4G Telecom Training in Lucknow is designed for both experienced as well as BE/B.Tech Electronics freshers students.

100% Job Oriented 2G/3G/4G-Telecom Training

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  • Class Duration: 2h-4h
  • Skill level:Freshers
  • Students: 7-10
  • Certificate: :Yes
  • Pive Project Based: yes

Advanced Wireless Communications(Telecom4G) Training

GlobeTechno Training comprehensive Training comprising the advanced Telecommunications and Networking technologies leading towards convergence communications. It includes the wired and wireless technologies with the sole motivation to migrate towards Advance-Generation technologies like EDGE, Wi-Max, UMTS, and WCDMA. The curriculum is best appreciated by the corporate sector for its relevance and comprehensiveness. The advanced communications training Based on Live Projects.

GlobeTechno Training offers the requisite knowledge for venturing into research and application domains wih telecom firms as Switch Engineers, Installation & Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance Engineers, RF Planners, Drive Test Engineers, Network Specialists and Network & RF Design Engineers.


    People enrolling for Advanced Wireless Communications should have Diploma or Degree in Engineering in EEE, ECE,IT, CSC, MS, M.Tech or any communications branch or BSc in any sciences other than commerce and life sciences.


    These are mostly field opportunities especially in India and Middle-East.
  • Installation & Commissioning,
  • RF Planning,
  • RF Testing,
  • RF Survey,
  • O&M,
  • Optimisation,
  • VAS Implementation,

Course Content

2G/3G/4G-Telecommunication (BTS & RE Training)

• Introduction (Trainer and Trainee)
• Engg. Fundamentals
• Basic Communication Fundamentals
• Signals (types , traffic ,conversion of A/D or D/A)
• Wave Propagation and losses considered
• Antenna (GSM ,MW)
• Modulation
• Transmission media
• Wireless communication (types, classification)
• Frequency reuse
• Bands for GSM
• BSC and MSC Basics
• SM Architecture
• GSM Services
• Handovers
• Call flow
• Terminologies
• Speech processing flow
• Authentication
• Channels concept
• Site elements
• Site Installation Practices and Materials
• BTS and Transmission product portfolio
• Nokia BTS Products (Description and Application)
• Pre Installation Procedure and Work Flow
• Pre-requisites for Installation
• Installation Procedure
• Flexi BTS + Transmission installation
• Physical Assembly of Microwave Parts
• Commissioning of BTS and Microwave
• BTS Integration
• Alarms Description and Trouble Shooting
• Microwave Alignment
• RF Survey and Planning
• Operations and Maintenance
• Site Etiquettes
• Career Path of a Telecom Engineer
• Site survey ,EMF ,RFID , LOS
• Basic overview of transmission
• Basic overview of SDH and PDH
• Basic overview all survey

Training Duration

Telecom Training Benefits

  • 100 % Job Assured
  • Experience Certificate
  • Small Training Batch
  • Excellent Onsite Training
  • Job Oriented Training as per Demands of current Industry
  • Telecom Training Contents are Designed By Worlds To Telecom Companies
  • 5 to 10 Years of Industrial Experience Trainer
  • Printed Study Materials,Audio and Video Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

Telecom sector is the most flourishing sector. It has variety of jobs with huge opportunities like RF, BTS, site etc. There are couples of options a graduate in Telecommunication can eye upon.

GlobeTechno provides industry based training which fills the gap between academics and corporate. After completion of training you can become Telecom engg( BTS , RF), Site engg , DT engg.

Yes, you can easily switch, Telecom is the fastest growing Industry as this sector will always be dynamic and provide good career growth.

GlobeTechno has a team of industry experts who will enhance your skills according to current industry requirement which is necessary to get good jobs.

Yes,student completed their bachelors degree, diploma in me engineering can do this course .